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(is that the ooly affair?)no. i haddothers. buu i mean, it's something that's obbvously between maria and me. mm.arnold schwartenegger speaks out about the demise of his marriage.the ther highs aad lows of the former book.ician and actor's life.. 3 and the o's make baltmmre proud!the thinggthey've pone... that hasn't happened and this is one tough tyke!how old can carry.. on his back! 3- 3 monday, october 11 3
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3- 3 orioles magic... feel it happen!the o's on theii way to the post season for the ffrst time in 15-years. years.megan gilliland is here with more the ssot they've clinched and how fans are reacting. good morninn guys,it's been 15 years... teenagers here in baltimore don't evenn offs in baseeall.but after all this time... saying to yourself....maybe this wiil be the's finally heree 5.10 "man, after aal this, thhs is pprfect."
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clinched oon of the american league wild card &wasn until the texas rangers beat the loo angeles angels in the second ggme of a double header was oors after thh o's swept tte boston rrd croww of 1-thousand.still... watch it all unfold on the big the players. johnson: we were going to be doing this anyway we might a well wwtch with them and celebrate with themweiters: the fans have doneea great job supporting us this year it's a special moment to be out there thereyesterday was theehighest attendance since 2007. something buck showalterrhopes wiil continue. the wild card game is this friday... where is when is still up in the air.the top wild carr team will host the half hour... we''l talk ticket sales for the post season.i'm megan gilliland, fox45 morniig news.
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the o's team planeemade an emergency landing in jacksonville, florida, sunday fire hat started in a microwave.the plane was on it's way to ttmpa, where the oriolessare scheduled to play. the delta plane was inssected... and deemed okay to fly anddleft the jacksonville airport around 10:15 at night, with the teamm on boarr. policeecontinue to investigate a deadly shooting in eass baltimore. it happened around 3 o'clockksunday morring.a 28-year-ood black male was shot in the headdnear north belnnrd avenue and mcelderly street. olice believe the victim was arguing witt two other men who were seen driving a station wagon with tinted windows. anyone with information ssould call olice. 3 city students are speaking out about one of the key issues oo the november ballot....the dream aat. act.dozens of students met att the "baltimore freeddm this allows eligible...undocume ntee students to pay in-state tuition rates at maryland
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"people ose sight offthe going to college, kids are kids who actually want to succeed. they want the chance, they just want a chancc." chhnce."opponents of maryland'' dream act gathered ssgnatures to put the issuee n the november baalot. a push for early voting in montgomery county. county.county elections officiils are urging people to participate... becuase oo long llnes and redistricting. &ptraining sessions are already well underway for the more than 35-hundred electton judges montgomeryycounty fact, somm of thooe judges in - will have to reeort tt worr one day earlier, to begin roher says: ""here was &predistricttnggthat occuured ast jaauaay. and, for a lot of our voters, they have ot been to the polling placee since that reddstricting encouraging everyone to reviee their ample allot to see where their polling place is." training, here is concern e - here about potential long
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linns in montgomery county on electiin dayy polling places have changed for more county ressdents. foomer californna governor autobiography, "total recall," hits ookshelves todayyas andrew spencer explains... he opened up aboot he highs and lows of his life... including a number f affairs... ahead of its release. release. &parnold schwarznegger admits i his book and tt "60 mmnutes" he had an affair with his po-star in 19-85's "red sonja"....brigitte (brih-szheet) nielsen..t haapened while heewassin a relationship maria shriver, who later bbcame his iff.(is thaa the only affair?)no. i something that's obviously between maria and me.(shh knew?)yeah.(so it's a recurring issue with you?)i'm not perfect. (keep pause)the former california governor, bodybuilder nd movie star has also admitted to an afffir housekeeper, mildred baena (bye-aye-nah).he says he
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suspected he wassthe fatherrof her son when the boy was around seven or jjst off,,that he started ooking - got it, ttat it was never discussed but i put the things together here.he says shriier confronted him about it ddring a ounseling session.she then saii hey, i think joseph s your kid and am i off herr on this or not? and i said you're absolutely correct.shriver filed for divorce last year. schwarzeeegger also reflected on his failingss(do you have to always there?))t's always there.i'm annrew spencer reporting. a spokesman for shriver says she ill not be giving a
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response to the "60 minutes" interview. two people areedead, one hurt, after a shooting at a v-f-w winter springsssay they're - still in the early stages of the invessigation.what offfcers do know is that a group f bbiers had gathered p charity ride when gunfire erupted. as of right now, we can confirm we have two dead on scene as we're orking the crime ssenn. and we have one in critical care at the center. the investigation is ongoingg it's still very prelimmnary at the moment. and we don't have much more information to give to you right now as the investigaaionn" contiiues."police say they confiscated a numbbr of and - weaaons.investigators have nott released any info about a motive. the michhgan woman still collecting wwlffre beneeits.. after winning the llttery... has died of an apparent drug overdose.25-year old amanda clayton was found dead
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saturday mornnng, at a home. in june, cllyton pleadeddno contest to fraud... and was prrbation in july.clayton was still getting over 5 thousand dollars in federal aid... despite winning 735-thousand dollars in the ottery. &p340-thousand cars and s-u-v's from general motors are being recalled tooay... over faulty fueelpumps. pumps.the recall involves the chhvrolet cobalt from 2007 to equinox... the 2007 thhough &p2009 pontiac g-5... the 007 pontiac torrent... and 2007 saturn ion. g-m ays the fuel pumpp in those vehicles couud crack and ause a potentially dangerouu fuel leak. owners can get a free replacemeet by contacting a g-m deeler. small, fuel efficient and electric. baltimooee city could be on the road to owning more than a dozen new plectric cars. joel d. smith is live at the dealership with the unique vehicles you could ee on city roads very soon.good morring
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3 guns belonging to two of ammrica's most notorious block..ow much the hhghest bidddrrpaiddfor bonnie and clyde's weapons. weapons. it's been 30 years
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today... sinne the first ever was released.on october 1st, 1982... billyyjoel's album "52nd ssreet" went on sale in j. japan.since then... hundreds of billions of c-ds have been early sony c-d player in 19-82.if you adjust that for inflation... that's equivaalnt to about 17-hundred &pbucks today!
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3 3 3 wednesday is he day. the two presidennial candidates are preparing for theefirst debate. debate.and's
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apology...the app.. that's made so many users.. upset. -3 3
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both ppesiddnnial candidates are gearing up for wednesday's big night ... theefirst presidential debatt. as cristina mutchler reports... preeident obama nd mitt
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romney are finishing up some final campaigning and last minute debate preparations before facing off inndenver. 3 --reporter pkg-as follows -- the clocc is ticking down to wednesday's presidennial debate with president ooama and mitt romney getting ready po go head-to-hhad for the first timeeand their is best prepared.i think both are excellent in their own way. i think youucould argue that mittthas had a lot more but alsoo candy, parr of it depends on who is moderating.. he's bben through at least 20 debates in the course of the primaries, and newt gingrich himself said just he other day, he's the best debater. he beat all of them. tim pawlenty, a republiccn said &pdebatermitt romney used senator rob pprtman of ohio to act as his opponent while preparing for the debate.... of romney stand-in...for role - presidenttobama. the &ppresident has a day joo, the hhs not had the time to practicee all e hear about is that mitt romney's been
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practiccng, practicingg practicing wherever he goes. i think mitt romney is going to come in there very prepared, he's going to do &pvery well because he's done very well in all of the debates major reakthrough, yyu know, a comment. that doesn't happen very often. it happened witt rragan and mondale. it happeeed with reagan and &pcarter, but frankll, i can't remember the last ime there was one of these comments that because, frankly, the candidatee aae too well prepared. they're well president obama headed to as vegas for a campaign event -- while mitt romney attenddd foor hunkering down for final -----end-----cnn.script----- apppe is sorry! sorry!theeapps... that's causing many get lost! ((break 3))
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kw@ krystal conwell : we see a lot of problems with the... number of students that we have. resources. materials. things that the children need... on a day-to-day basis. anncr: question seven will help. the department of legislative services says question seven... will mean hundreds of millions of dollars... for schools...from gaming revenues that would have... gone to other states. and independent audits will guarantee the money... goes where it's supposed to. krystal conwell: i think people should vote for question... seven because i think it will be a great benefit to children.
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aĆ· --reporter pkg-as ollows --
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iphone 5 users ay be dazzled by their new phone, but apple's new maas apppication &pthe new mapping data has come under fire -- following widespread complaints of inaccuracy.on friday -- those ceo tim cook to issue a rare --& public apology in the form of an open letter to customerr. cook says apple sttives to ""ell short on this commitment".apple deciied to rrplace google maps, which had been on its devices for the last five years, witt its own map application.users received the new app on the iphone 5s for apple devices.most complaints say apple maps aaen't as precise as google maps. apple maps has much locaaions and is also missing many of its feetures. as result -- the maps app has mmny errors.cussomers have complained about landdarks being misplaced, given the wrong name or not showing up at all.this glitches have led
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&psome in the tech industry to wonder why apple would release has asked for cuutomers' patience while they sort out phe app.tim cook even gave a surprising alternaaive -- recommended using other apps, which include -- google.i'm alison kosik in new york. -----end-----cnn.sccipt---- don'' mess with this.. strong kid! kid!how many pounds thissseven back!and what e plans to do with his strength. &pstrength.the o's are headdng to play offs.the spot they've clinnhed and tte laaest on tickets sales for the post seas.
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